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Meet our CEO

Dr. Fouad Beydoun

President & CEO of The International Association for Organ Donation. Appointed, International Advisory Board of Directors Health Ministry of Saudi Arabia

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About the International Association for Organ Donation

The International Association for Organ Donation provides dynamic educational and outreach programs and services to the general public. We pay particular attention to vulnerable racial and ethnic minorities, ensuring their awareness of the need for organ transplantation and actively work to secure their commitment to become organ donors.

The International Association for Organ Donation was founded in 1999 to provide awareness and outreach to the minority communities of Southeast Michigan on organ, tissue, and bone marrow donations. The organization has currently enrolled over 9,000 people to the Michigan Donor Registry, second to the Office of the Secretary of State..

Dr. Beydoun began this call to action because of the need and the alarming number of people on the waiting list in the United States. His continued determination to guarantee everyone the same chance that his own son had has allowed the organization to flourish and grow over the last 12 years

  • Prince Khaled Al Faisal
  • President of Lebanon, Michel Suleiman
  • U.S Health Minister Tommy Thompson
  • His Excellency Abdullah Al Rabeeah, Minister of Health, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
The importance of raising awareness of organ donation and transplantation has been the continued mission of the organization since its conception. The IAOD has been actively involved in multiple ethnic communities, raising awareness about minority organ donation through a federally funded grant program. This program has created an opportunity for the organization to be involved in several community events, events at churches and mosques, and at schools and universities to create an open discussion among religious and community leaders so that they may help spread the word.