Places Not to Miss When You Are in Singapore

Singapore is a tourist’s paradise. There are thousands of people who visit Singapore every year because of its innate charm and warmth of the city. You have so many places to visit that making a list o the top places becomes really difficult. But if you have very little time in hand and want to make the most of this visit, then here are some of the places that you shouldn’t miss:

1. Singapore Flyer

Those who have always longed to be inside the London Eye but never really managed to visit London will have their dream fulfilled because the Singapore Flyer is almost the replica of the London Eye. You get a bird’s view of Singapore. The view of the city from the top is simply breathtaking. It will be wise to book a ticket when the sun is about to set. You can literally see the sun going down into the ocean leaving the last rays on all over the city.

2. Gardens by the Bay

One of the most-visited places in Singapore is the Gardens by the Bay. It has become a tourist hotspot right after its inauguration. This place has been designed in a way that makes you feel as if you are in a dreamland or in an imaginative place. The trees are lit up in uniquely colored lights and the reflections on the adjacent lake will leave you stunned. You should have sufficient time in hand as there are three different bays – east, south, and central.

3. Universal Studios

Your trip to Singapore will be incomplete if you do not pay a visit to Universal Studios. Movie buffs will certainly feel that they have become a part of Hollywood as soon as they enter into this magical world. There are loads of entertainment to be a part of. Also, you should visit the Walk of Fame where you can take a picture with Hollywood personalities. You will get an insight into how Hollywood movies are shot and what goes on behind the scenes. For those who are interested in a bit of adrenaline rush can book tickets for the Battlestar Galactica, one of the most popular roller coaster rides that will take you through the ups and downs of Universal Studios.

4. Singapore Zoo

Most of the tourists who visit Singapore have the Singapore Zoo on their bucket list. It is one of the rare places where you can see endangered animals. Moreover, there are over 300 species of animals here and you will not have a boring time once you visit this zoo. Since the zoo is divided according to the habitat of the animals, you will be roaming around in different zones such as the Fragile Forest or the Frozen Tundra or the Primate Kingdom.

Singapore is one of those places that will never let you have a dull moment after you land here. The city has uncountable places that are considered a must-visit but if you have to shortlist a few, the above four are simply unmissable.

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