The Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For Your Health

Most people have heard that gardening is good for your health, but many do not know why. There are actually a number of reasons why gardening is good for your health and you need to know what they are. When you understand this, you will be able to better understand why you should be getting into the garden.

Helps To Burn Calories

Many people do not realize that gardening is actually a form of moderate to high-intensity exercise. It is estimated that you will burn approximately 330 calories for every hour of light gardening that you do. This is more than going to the gym and lifting weights for the same amount of time.

The National Institute of Health actually recommends 30 to 45 minutes of gardening 3 to 5 times per week. This is seen as a good strategy to get the exercise and movement that you need in order to stay healthy.

Reduced The Risk Of Heart Disease

When you complete 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a few times per week, you will be lowering your risk of heart disease. This is due to the fact that the activity will help to control high blood pressure and even prevent it. Gardening is this type of exercise which is why it will help you to reduce your risk of heart disease.

Decreases The Chances Of Osteoporosis

When you engage in certain repetitive tasks, you will be working your muscles and strengthening your bones. These tasks will include the pulling of weeds, planting and digging that occur when you are in the garden. When you complete these movements, you will be working all of your major muscle groups.

This will stretch and strengthen the muscles which have an effect on osteoporosis. The movements will reduce your risks of this problem later in life.

You Can Reduce Stress

Gardening is a great leisure activity that also helps to combat stress. In fact, studies have found that gardening works better than many other leisure activities when it comes to this. A study in the Netherlands had 2 groups of students either read or garden for 30 minutes after completing a stressful task.

The results of the study found that the group that was gardening reported better moods after the 30 minutes. They also had a lower level of cortisol which is known as the stress hormone. This means that if you often find yourself stressed, you need to get out into the garden.

Positive Impact On Moods

Research done at Rutgers University looked at the impact of gardening on moods. The results found that being surrounded by flowers and plants will naturally moderate your mood. The immediate impact is happier moods. There are also long-term effects which include more positive moods and more intimate connections with other people.

There are many reasons why gardening is good for your health. Not only will you be getting your recommended amount of physical activity, you will also see a positive improvement in your moods.